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I am a Bio-Medical Engineer with speciality in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I sold my first company and moved to Florida, where I started Blue Sparq, Inc. Blue Sparq is a custom product design & development firm which specializes in "looks like, feels like" rapid prototypes to complete turnkey products. My innovative approach to problem solving has prompted 13 patent filings in less than 3 years.

The new touch interfaces found in popular cell phones are what inspired me to start working with Capacitive Touch Switch technology. This interface technology can sense through any non-conductive material. I have added audio and tactile feedback, so when you touch a button you not only hear a click, but you feel one too! RapidKeypads.com is a division of Blue Sparq. I am very proud to say that I can give your product the touch and feel of an iPhone or iPad touch screen, but with discrete buttons!

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Jameel Ahed